Yashar Architects
Yashar Architects, one of Israel's leading architectural firms, embodies Israel's progressive building culture from the 1950's to the present. Founder Itzhak Yashar has planned some of the greatest, most influencing public buildings in Tel Aviv, such as Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Mexico building in Tel Aviv University, and the Dizengoff Center.
In 1986 Avner Yashar followed his father's path and joined the firm. While keeping in line with his father's creative inspiration, Avner Yashar carried Yashar Architects' vision through the 21st century, and focusing on high density design. As a result, Yashar Architects is now a leading firm in high rise residential and office buildings, as well as city planning. Yashar Architects has expanded into the global market and is currently involved in projects throughout Russia, Ukraine, India, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary and Cyprus.
At Yashar Architects we believe that the buildings we create are not only functional elements but places for the people to live in. Therefore, we incorporate climate, topography and personalized character into each projects. We emphasize the importance of light and shade in our buildings, and take into account the design of the landscape and relations with the close environment. We combine the perseverance and creativity of the first generation with the innovation and technology of the presence, in order to create timeless architecture.
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