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Maya Regev AlbeckArchitect
Maya Regev Albeck, Architect
Yashar Archtect Employee Email Email: Maya_r@a-yashar.com
Yashar Archtect Employee Phone Phone: 972-3-6203220 Ext: 122
Yashar Archtect Employee Fax Fax: 972-3-6209633
Yashar Archtect Employee Address Address: 18 Tshrnichovski st.
Areas of Practice: Urban planning, offices and residential.
Biography: Associate architect at Yashar Architects (2013 – present) , planner at DMR Town Planning & Development (2012-2013). Fluent in Hebrew and English.
Educational history: B. Arch, (Bachelor of Architecture), Faculty of Architecture, Tel Aviv University (2008 – 2013). B.A, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University (2005-2008).
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