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Yoav Michael, Architect
Yashar Archtect Employee Email Email: yoav@a-yashar.com
Yashar Archtect Employee Phone Phone: 972-3-6203220 Ext: 107
Yashar Archtect Employee Fax Fax: 972-3-6209633
Yashar Archtect Employee Address Address: 18 Tchernichowsky St.
Areas of Practice: Responsible for a number of residential and offices projects including high- rise buildings for B.S.R Group and a luxury residential tower on Rothschild Boulevard and Neve Zedeck White- City Residence tower
Biography: Yoav Michael joined Yashar Architects in 1997, shortly after graduating with distinction at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Initially, he worked on residential building in Tel-Aviv and His first project as a team manager was Ziviel offices campus in Tel-Aviv and other projects, Included the Meccann -Erickson building and Egged Headquarters building in Airport-City.
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