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Elad YehudaPartner & CEO
Elad Yehuda, Partner & CEO
Yashar Archtect Employee Email Email: elad@a-yashar.com
Yashar Archtect Employee Phone Phone: 972-3-6203220 Ext: 303
Yashar Archtect Employee Fax Fax: 972-3-6209633
Yashar Archtect Employee Address Address: 18 Tshrnichovski st.
Biography: Adv. Elad Yehuda was appointed CEO of Yashar Architects in March 1st 2007.
Adv. Yehuda is responsible for the overall planning and execution of Yashar Architects’ growth strategy.
Prior to joining Yashar Architects, Adv. Yehuda was C.E.O of OmniTOP, and Strategic Planning Manager of Rosetta Genomics (NASDAQ: ROSG).
Educational history: Adv. Yehuda studied Business Administration & Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem..
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